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The Jeseníky Mountains are completely unique and unique not only within the Czech Republic, but throughout Europe. The most valuable part of the Protected Landscape Area are four national nature reserves, which are located at the peaks of Praděd, Šerák - Keprník, Rejvíz and around the Skřítek peat bog. The richest botanical locality is the Great Basin, in which 450 species of higher plants grow. The landscape was created here for millions of years and today we can admire wells, streams, waterfalls, ponds.

European deer and roe deer occur in forests of middle and higher locations, and the island lynx or brown bear occasionally occur in the highest positions.

Broken Trunk
podzim železnice
Zelený les
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Wild Pond
Boty Cestovní
pár Skinig

Our hotel has an e-bike rental and Insportline scooters. Borrowing is possible from the spring season, according to the agreed conditions.

There are several bike paths in the area.
Cycling route around Malá Morávka via Karlov and the Hvězda saddle, Cycling route around Malá Morávka via Karlov and Vyhlídka, Cycling route around Malá Morávka via Podlesí and Karlova Studánka or Cycling route from Hvězda to Červenohorské sedlo.


Kopřivná Ski Resort, where is the most modern 6-seater cable car in the Czech Republic, is located near our hotel


Ski arena Karlov - Karlov pod Pradědem


Ski resort Červenohorské sedlo Jeseníky


Ski resort Čerťák - Václavov u Bruntálu


Ski resort Klobouk - Karlov pod Pradědem


Nature trail Bílá Opava

The path leads through the forest on many bridges, stairs and footbridges along the banks of Bílá Opava - the most beautiful mountain stream in the Jeseníky Mountains. In addition to several waterfalls, numerous cascades and rapids, rock formations and romantic corners of the spruce forest, the Bílá Opava nature trail on seven information boards also offers basic information about the nature of this unique reservation. The nature trail through the Bílá Opava valley starts in Karlova Studánka by the waterfall under the car park, by the Hubertus restaurant. The beginning of the nature trail in Karlova Studánka is also the lowest point of this path (760 m above sea level). The trail will take you about half a kilometer along the road leading to the village of Vidly. However, it will soon turn from this road into the Bílá Opava valley. From this moment, the ascent to the Barborka cottage begins at an altitude of 1310 m. From the Barborka cottage there is a less demanding ascent to the top of the Praděd mountain.

Praděd transmitter

Mount Praděd is 1492 m high. and is the highest peak of the Jeseníky Mountains and the whole of Moravia. There are more ways to get to Praděd. The most frequently used variant is from the Hvězda car park (above Karlova Studánka on the road II / 445 Malá Morávka - Karlova Studánka). From here, a shuttle bus runs about 8 km to the Ovčárna cottage. You have to continue on foot around the cottages Barborka, Kurzovní, still on the asphalt road (around the turn to Švýcárna left) to the top (approx. 4 km).

Petrovy kameny

Peters stones is the top rock wall (1438 m) on the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, 1.5 km south of Praděd on the Vysoká hole area. The rocks are made of low-strength gneiss. A nature reserve was declared on Petrový kameny, which was incorporated into the Praděd State Nature Reserve. The aim of the protection of the area is to preserve the species richness of the subalpine flower floodplain, the surrounding alpine poles and the vegetation of the top rock, which hosts endemic vegetation (Jesenice bell, Jesenice lipnice) together with other rare plant species.


Kapličkový vrch

 The Holy Trinity Chapel stands on Kapličkový vrch in the southern part of the village of Malá Morávka. Hotel pod Kapličkou is located "under" it, hence the name. From our hotel you will cross the path and go up through the meadow, uphill, the path that leads to the Chapel of the Holy Trinity.

Naučná stezka Velká kotlina

From a scientific point of view, the Great Basin is one of the most important localities in Central Europe. has a total of 7 stops. The whole route is about 6 km long, the difference in altitude is 630 m. The Velká kotlina nature trail follows the blue tourist sign leading from Malá Morávka. The zero stop, equipped with an orientation map of the entire nature trail, is in Karlov pod Pradědem.

Karlova Studánka


A spa village that you will hear about in Europe. It boasts a geological exhibition of stones from the Jeseníky Mountains, cafes, restaurants, a swimming pool complex with hydrotherapy and thermotherapy (with the possibility of ordering massages or baths), or mountain springs. There are a total of 8 springs in Karlova studánka. They all have a high proportion of carbon dioxide thanks to peat bogs, which prevent ventilation. The springs can be rolled into their own bottle, for example in the Drinking Pavilion, where Vilém's spring is, or in the Libuše house.

Dlouhé stráně pumped storage hydroelectric power plant

In 2005, the Dlouhá stráně power plant was ranked among the 7 greatest wonders of the Czech Republic. It has thus become one of the most important Czech monuments, such as Karlštejn Castle or Hluboká Chateau. Since 2010, the upper reservoir of the Dlouhá stráně pumped storage hydroelectric power plant has been accessible by a 6-seater cable car from the nearby Kouty ski area. The cable car will take you 4.5 km below the upper reservoir. You can then reach it on foot, by bike or by using the minibus, which runs there by shuttle. A 2.5 km red trail through the forest is newly accessible, leading to the upper reservoir.


Catching trout - Fisherman's Bastion in Munich

Entertainment not only for children, 17 km from Malá Morávka. Combine a trip with trout fishing. Head through Karlova Studánka, Ludvíkov, Vrbno pod Pradědem, to Munich.

The trout farm has been operating since 1991. You can catch trout on a fishing rod, they will gut them out on the spot if you wish. There is also a restaurant next to the fishing bastion, where you can order trout specialties.

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