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Hotel pod Kapličkou

Welcome to our Hotel pod Kaplickou***

located in Jesenik Mountains.

Unique, very beautiful and picturesque that’s nature of Jesenik.

There are plenty of hiking opportunities in summer and good ski slopes in winter.

It is a real paradise for nature lovers.


The area where our hotel is located has the purest air in the central Europe.

Come, visit us and enjoy the wild nature of this Protected Landscape Area.


You can rent in our hotel electro-bikes or electro-scooters for great prices
Muž procházky v přírodě
Jízda na horských kolech

It is an easy and fun way how to get around.
Explore comfortably the beautiful nature surrounding our hotel.

Make sure to book it in advance to avoid disappointment!

The rental is open daily from 8am to 7pm

e-bike 400CZK / half day or 700CZK/ whole day

e-scooter 150CZK/hour

For reservation call: +420777 976 515
And enjoy your ride!

The Jeseníky Mountains are completely unique and unique not only within the Czech Republic, but throughout IN Europe.


The most valuable part of the Protected Landscape Area are four national nature reserves, which are located at the peaks of Praděd, Šerák - Keprník, Rejvíz and around the Skřítek peat bog.


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